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My job as a golf professional is to promote the game of golf and teaching and playing golf is my passion and a way of life for me.


I have coached many top-ranked players in Europe and have given over 30,000 hours of golf instruction.


The “How” and “When” of good teaching is an Art


Have you ever stopped to think of how you actually learn? Any method of learning other than learning by doing, finishes in a distant second place.

Learning to play golf works that way... and learning to teach the game is not much different.


There is not one human being in this world who cannot improve with a good learning  environment.

Body awareness is the springboard for skill development. It is also the first step towards visualization, changing patterns of movement and relaxation.

I think all golfers are continuously trying to improve performance, as we humans are programmed to instinctively search for better methods. The great disadvantage of our open-ended learning ability lies in the fact that we can learn to do things the wrong way.


Cultivating good habits and eliminating bad ones is the way we learn and the main objective of all sports training.

Truly effective teaching employs a properly paced, clearly communicated wisdom of the golf swing from the mind of one person to the body of another.


It´s all about teaching golf to be more fun


Golf is more than just a score, it is a game to be enjoyed every time you play or practice. Learning to relax when playing with family or friends, or practicing alone outside in the fresh air, is the first step in having fun.


Learning all aspects of golf, from the full swing to the short game, and understanding how to put them all together on the course is a challenging task.

The best thing about golf is that everyone, regardless of ability, can hit a longer drive, more consistent iron shots, and have a more accurate short game. There is always the possibility for improvement.


Learning to play better golf is about ALWAYS having fun, even while you practice.


My goal is to have everyone “play like a kid and score like a Pro” and have FUN each time you visit the golf course.


“If you can think it and see it, then you can do it.”

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