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Golfers at every skill level are unique and each has space for individual differences. I believe in creativity. Not everyone is going to fit into the same golf swing. Everybody is built differently and there are countless possibilities to make a good swing, play golf and do it well.


Beginners to Hcp 24

  • learning to improve fundamentals

  • learning the short game system

  • understanding do´s and dont´s

  • learning practice techniques that make golf more fun

  • taking it to the course


Intermediate (Hcp 12 - Hcp 23)

  • improving your technique

  • creating more consistency

  • making bad shots more playable and less penalizing

  • forming strong practice habits while having more fun

  • adjusting to the course


Advanced (Hcp 0 - Hcp 11)

  • fundamentals of shot making

  • hitting special shots

  • knowledge that will allow you to play from all situations

  • practicing shots you don´t like and playing shots you do like


The recipe for lower scores is to improve your technique in a relaxed and fun practice environment, playing one shot at a time to the best of your ability, and having as much fun as possible doing it!


- Chuck Johnson

We all learn perfectly, it´s just that what

we learn isn´t always perfect.

How we teach is as important as what we teach.

- Chuck Hogan

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