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If you feel recreation and having fun is important and golf is a major part of your life, then you will enjoy participating in my Game Improvement Series.


The Game Improvement Series is a total of 5 hours of training split over 3 weeks. Students should practice on their own during this time. The series will conclude with a 9-hole round of golf where we will be able to consolidate all that you have learned.


Firstly, we will evaluate the state of your game and create a plan for improvement.


Our lesson structure will always be balanced. We will work on your strengths, but our greatest progress will come from improving your weaknesses.


I will constantly evaluate and keep a record so that your goals, swing thoughts and performance can be controlled and adjusted during each practice session.


The greatest joy in golf is playing to your full potential and having fun at the same time. My methods of teaching and training will guarantee that you achieve these goals.


Contact us today to book your Game Improvement Series.






Below is an example of a typical Game Improvent Series



5 hours Game Improvement with Chuck Johnson


3 hours TUITION - long game, short game, bunker, uneven lies and putting (including video analysis)




9-HOLES GOLF - learn course management and tips and tricks for a better round. Compare your swing on the course to your swing on the driving range and use video analysis to understand the differences. 


  • € 200 for one player (3 x 1 hr. private sessions or 6 x 30 min. private sessions + 9-holes of golf + Video Analysis)


  • € 250 for two players (3 x 1 hr. group session + 9-holes of golf + Video Analysis)


  • € 300 for three players (3 x 1 hr. group session + 9-holes of golf + Video Analysis)

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